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Healthy Corporate Activations

There are a number of ways that we use this equipment to shake up and motivate your work colleagues either as a welcome break in a day of serious conferencing or as an activation in its own right.

Here are 3 options but we’re always open to creating combinations or bespoke experiences:


The multi- channel Silent Disco

Our DJ plays genre specific music on 3 different channels that the guests can choose between with a touch of the button on their headphones. We’d chat about the music genres you’d like but normally go for one house channel, one of pop/ rock classics & singalong and one of hip hop SA chart music to try and cover the tastes of all of the guests – whatever their ages & demographic.  The headphones flash red, blue or green depending on which channel they’re tuned into which leads to further fun interaction amongst guests. We’ve done this with companies and parties all over SA and it’s our basic Silent Disco taster staple that is always well received and remembered.

A dance lesson lead by one of our experienced hip – hop choreographers

This is a lot of fun as, after some warm up stretches guests are taught a few basic moves and then put them all together for a dance-off at the end. Nothing too sweaty or strenuous but all done with inspiring enthusiasm and a good dose of humour by a bouncy & engaging instructor. We’ve done this with clients such as Investec and Old Mutual and have managed to get even the most austere fund managers shaking their tush! It’s also a good team building aspect that the colleagues will all go away knowing how to dance to a song together. You choose what song of course and it stays as a shared moment whenever the tune is played at the end of year parties forever after!


A yoga, stretching & breathing session

With one of our mellow yogis. Manageable yoga that can be done by complete novices without requiring lycra! The combination of calming music and the compassionate, amiable voice of someone guiding you through some gentle movements and mind relaxation can be a peaceful break in the middle of a day of conferencing or just as a healthy way to encourage your crew to mindfulness.  Adidas did this as a stop gap break for their recent AGM on a farm near Stellenbosch and Virgin Active have used us a couple of times for mass outdoor yoga to great effect.

The very act of putting on the headphones seems to immerse people in the sound and it’s amazing how quickly even the most serious- seeming clients lose their inhibitions a little and really get into the activations more than they would were it happening though a traditional out-loud PA system .

This is no doubt partly due to the novelty of the experience and that most people genuinely embrace trying out something new but it’s also because the absence of other audio distraction lets people concentrate on the sound and fully lose themselves in it.

As such these headphone activations can be more intense, unusual, personal and even profound than when we do similar events out loud.

Tailored to you

But it’s really best if you get in touch and we can tailor make the right healthy corporate activation for your company for a price that’ll fit your budget.

The cost for these sessions would usually cost from R50/ person for the Silent Events headphones, including the transmitters, mixers, microphones and up to R1,500 for the crew who hand out, explain & retrieve the headphones.

The DJ or choreographer or yogi would cost about R2,000, whichever option you went for.