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Up to 3 simultaneous break away groups

Multi-channel Conferencing

Our equipment allows up to 3 independent simultaneous break away groups within the same area without the inevitable sound crossover of PA systems.

It also allows 3 speakers to speak to auditoriums simultaneously, as we have for various innovative conferences around the continent over the last 8 years

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I was delighted to come across Silent Events SA and the many possibilities that their wireless headphones could offer.

We were able to offer our clients, Coca Cola, a solution where they could deliver 3 different presentations within the same area, without the sound crossover that a PA system would have incurred. The immersive aspect of the headphones seems to have delivered a more intense & memorable experience for the guests as well. We used Silent Events SA for events in Sun City, Pretoria, Vaal River & Durban and have always found their professionalism reassuring. The level of service on each project has been excellent, delivered by a solid and friendly team always willing to go the extra mile to make the event seamless & deliver peace of mind.

Dean Fourie
Founder & CEO, Integrity Productions

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