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Year End Parties or Gala Dinners.

Corporate Parties

Does your company have a wide demographic of musical tastes that makes choosing the right sounds problematic?

Now you can have 3 different genres of music playing simultaneously and everyone can get down on the same dancefloor to music that they love.

Whether as a late-night add-on after the out loud music has had to stop, or as the main event it’s the original and fun option that will make this years’ Conference Gala or Year End Corporate Party stand out from the same old same old. 

We can always bring along a small PA for music as a little background sound for those stubborn old chatters who won’t dance anyway and will be happy not to have to shout over a big system!

Let’s get your party started!

Silent Events offered a great solution to an unexpected “noise curfew” at a company conference Gala function.

The guests were initially sceptical about the headphones, but once they realised they could choose between no less than 3 DJ’s playing different genres of music at any given time, there was no stopping them having endless fun on the dance floor whilst entertaining those who opted to observe from the side. It was truly a unique experience I can recommend if you want to add a different “spin” on any corporate event.

Mariska van Aswegen
Marketing Executive, Pharma Dynamics

Let's get your party started ...

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