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Silent Disco

“And those who were seen dancing where thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music” 

Friedrich Nietzche 1886

11 Reasons Why A Silent Disco Party might Just Be The Answer

… as the main attraction or as a late night add-on

  1. Family or Company Bonding – Silent Parties are fun for everyone in the family or the company. From kids to grandparents, bosses to delivery boys. Everyone loves our silent discos and the way they bring people together on the same level.
  2. Location – Your wedding party can take place virtually anywhere. There is no noise pollution, and this greatly broadens your venue choice.
  3. Everyone can be happy with the music – House music on the red channel for the ravers, Hip hop on the Green for the Groovers and rock on the Red for the Ballies ! It’s whatever your guests want to boogie to…simultaneously on the same dance floor!
  4. Time and noise restraints – With Silent Events you can carry on the celebrations as late as you like without upsetting anyone.
  5. License restrictions – Not all venues or properties have the correct license to broadcast music, however a silent disco is completely legal when it comes to music law.
  6. No more shouting over music – To catch up with friends, family and colleagues simply take off your headphones and chat away.
  7. Wireless fun and long-distance – Silent Disco headphones are completely wireless and can pick up signal from over 300 metres away so you’ll still be dancing in the bar, the garden, even in the loo!
  8. Be different – Make your party stand out with a genuinely original and fun way to party
  9. It’s hilarious – Watching a group of friends singing and dancing to different styles of music at the same time in silence is very funny. Silent Events headphones have coloured lights to indicate to others which channel you are listening to so you can jam with your crew if you want or with your new friends too.
  10. Memorable – Let’s face it, if you have a silent disco at your party it will be far from forgettable. Your party will most likely stand out from all the other parties your guests have been to in their lifetime and who wouldn’t want that
  11. Loadshedding Proof –  Everything runs on batteries so we can also rush inside if it rains or back to your friends’ apartment if it gets cold. We are free!
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