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We think we have answered the most common questions below! If not please do get in touch.
The transmitters use Ultra High Frequency radio signals that are more stable and far-reaching than Bluetooth or WIFI and can connect to an infinite number of headphones without losing signal strength.

The range is 500m line of sight, less as it goes through walls and floors.

Our headphones have the ability to receive up to 3 channels that you can choose between.
10 hours. They will arrive fully charged, cleaned and ready to rock.

Yes: red, blue or green depending on the channel that they’re tuned into.

Our transmitters and mixers are battery powered. We’ve done gigs everywhere from the beach to the bush.
Between R50 and R70 per headphone, depending on the quantity of headphones that you require and the duration and nature of your event. The transmitters are included in this price.

Are included up to 50kms from our offices in Midrand, Cape Town and Durban. After that there’ll be a nominal fuel charge of R5/km or else flights & accommodation charges if you’re really far out, or out of the country.

Absolutely. We have worked in UK, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Namibia & Botswana and are always happy to travel or put you in touch with our partners abroad.

There’s a fee of R2,500 for the DJ/ Silent Events crew who will set up the equipment, distribute, explain and retrieve the headphones. The crew can DJ and/or play your music on whatever device you choose that has a mini jack input.

Yes, get in touch and we’ll make a plan,

We require 50 % deposit to confirm your booking with the balance due 14 days prior to the event. If it’s a public or high-risk event we may charge a refundable headphone deposit.

Yes, we can provide full ‘out-loud’ sound equipment and disco lighting as well as DJ’s of every conceivable genre of music.

So if you’d like a gala dinner or a wedding with mics for speeches, a PA system for the first part of the night and then a multi- channel Silent Disco after the sound curfew then we can manage it all.

No, we’ll do the audio and direct you to good people who’ll do the V side of the AV!
We have a database of instructors from hip hop choreographers to Pilates gurus but are equally happy to facilitate your choice of motivator.
Yes! We love being approached with new and surprising uses for this technology as well as interesting collaborations and are always excited to discuss ideas and innovative possibilities. Bring ‘em on!

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