Silent Fitness - Spinning Class

Silent Fitness - Spinning Class

Silent Spinning Class

Another Silent Events first, Silent Spinning Classes.

Velocity Sports Lab Houtbay and Silent Events joined forces to bring the first every Silent Spinning Class to life. A combination of luminous clothes and black lights coupled with a high intensity spinning class. Talk about a game changer.

How It Works

Each person gets a set of headphones, they all tune into their instructor who is also wearing headphones, as well as a microphone.

The instructor has the ability to play music from a PC or iPod and talk over the music using our state of the art mixer and transmitter.

Other Applications

We also use our headphones for; Pilates, Yoga, Aerobics and our best & ultimate…Hip Hop Fitness! Read about our service offering here Silent Fitness

Our headphones can be substituted for a belt pack receiver that can take in ear bud earphones. This allows people to jump and run around without having headphones fall off.

Come move with us.

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