Kids Party

Kids Parties, Bar/Batmitzvahs or Birthday Bash

Need a DJ? Why not a Silent Disco?

Let your childs’ birthday party stand out from the rest with a fun (and noise free) disco party that the neighbours won’t complain about. Imagine being at a children’s birthday party where there is peace and quiet. Sounds too good to be true, right? But with our Silent Disco, that’s exactly what you get with all music played through our wireless multi-channel headphones. No traditional out loud speakers, no noise pollution. Just think, with 3 channels of playlists to choose from, you can be spared hearing ‘Let It Go’ for the eight millionth time and instead tune into a playlist of your preference on one of the other channels on the headphones.

Picture this

Bieber on the Blue channel for the kids, Rock on the Red for the parents, Motown on the Green for the grooving Grandparents …all at the same time! Each child and guest can chop and change between the channels with just a touch of a button well as control the volume on their own headsets.

Party Anywhere

Our Silent Disco equipment can transform any garden, garage, lounge, park into a hip and happening disco venue.

Silent Disco Kids Party Packages:

We have two options for the Silent Disco Kids party;

  1. R2,900 for up to 3 channels of music and headphones for up to 40 kids or parents for up to 3 hours.
  2. R3,800 for the same party as above but including a disco lighting package that includes a fog machine, laser, par cans and some moving multi-lights that will turn your home into a night-club.

This includes travel up to 30kms from Cape Town or Midrand. For younger children our DJ can also bring along a microphone and teach the kids some dances and play musical games through the headphones which ensures the little ones engage and have fun with it. If they’re a bit older and won’t enjoy the games & dances, that’s no problem, our DJ will play music on 3 different channels. If the kids have specific tunes or playlists that they’d like to hear then they’re welcome to bring them along on a phone, iPad, mp3 player (any device that has an headphone jack and they can try being a DJ. This works particularly well with the older kids who enjoy the music play off as the headphones glow red, blue or green depending on which channel they’re tuned into. It’s amazing how much people get immersed in the music through the headphones, allowing kids of all ages to really get into it and let down their inhibitions a bit whilst the possibility to switch between the channels provides a fun interactive aspect for the party too. Everyone can be happy with the music, even the neighbours!

10 reasons why a Silent Disco for your childs’ Party might just be the answer …

Silent Events operates throughout Southern Africa, specialize in the ever growing popular phenomenon of the Silent Disco. Here are our top 10 reasons as to why a Silent Events multi-channel headphone party offers the perfect solution to your wedding restrictions and woes, whether as the main attraction or as a late night add-on.

  1. No neighbours complaining
  2. No loudspeaker wires and cables to trip over
  3. More people dancing for longer thanks to their choice of music
  4. Safe volume levels, adjustable on your headphones
  5. Kids, parents, friends, even the grandparents love our silent discos and the way they bring people together.
  6. No more shouting over music! Just take headphones off to chat
  7. Fun, Cool experience to make your Birthday memorable
  8. Caters for all music tastes and all ages (e.g.: channel 1 top charts, channel 2 Rock & roll & channel 3 Disco)
  9. People lose their inhibitions with headphones on and start singing & dancing to the music
  10. You can utilise the whole street or event area as the Headphone radius is up to 200m

What people are saying about Silent Events

We’re creating not just great events but happy memories too!

Just a quick message to say a HUGE thank you for Friday night.

Miguel is absolutely amazing and all the girls loved him. My daughter specifically requested him again for this year….he is so much fun, played the best music, read the crowd and replayed the songs they knew the dance steps too 🙂 he is also non-intrusive, always on time…and just gets on with what he needs to do….and he makes the experience fabulous!

Your company has given us 2 years of legendary birthday parties…..requests have already been received for another silent disco next year 🙂

Thanks for such incredible service. It is so wonderful to be able to trust people to deliver on what they promise..and you guys always go above and beyond.


Thank you so much for doing my daughter’s birthday this past weekend. It was amazing! The kids had a blast and are still talking about it. Definitely using you in the future.